Nikole is a queer songwriter/storyteller who lives in Portland, Oregon with her two kids and her old dog.

She grew up moving around the Midwest and the South. Lots of stepdads, lots of new kid at a new school-ness, lots of confusion, lots of adventure, lots of things to remember and to grieve.  

With sincerity and ease, Nikole takes you to visit people you’ve never met and places you’ve never been. Fortune tellers, good ol’ boys, fierce women and grandmothers in strip bars. Union towns, kitchen tables, house fires, and deathbeds. After a few stories, you start to feel like you have been where she has been and you recognize yourself in her songs. Somehow by the end of the show, you feel like old friends.

Nikole has been writing music and telling stories on stage for almost 20 years and is just beginning to the learn the craft of essay. She writes mostly about her family of origin, naming generational trauma, and raising up the parallel stories of resilience.

Nikole finds it odd to write about herself in third person but understands that this is the cultural norm of short bios and for today, has decided to go along with it.